L.A.Times Article 11/4/79
One of my treasured souvenirs from my many years working with Gene is this article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times. For all 17 years I worked with Gene, I kept a scrapbook full of personal newsclippings, articles, reviews and miscellaneous magazine articles I wrote. The many special moments this scrapbook bring back such memories! The article you see here appeared just prior to the release of ST:TMP in 1979. It mentions the upcoming release of books to coincide with the film's release. The article describes two of my books; it was so exciting to be written up in such an imortant newspaper! I also love this photo of Gene from his younger days. I think it was taken on the set of his made for-TV movie, "Genesis II," circa 1972. (Note: The description of "Star Trek Speaks" says it's a book of interviews! This was a guess by the reporter -- it's actually a book of quotations from the original series!)