James ('Scotty') Doohan
Here's a shot I took of Jimmy Doohan (June 1975) when we were both guests at the Houstoncon'75. Jimmy, always true to the fans, never seems to tire when signing autographs! Today, at the age of 80, he is once again a proud papa; wife Wende gave birth earlier this year to baby daughter Sarah. Age has not slowed him -- Jimmy continues to make numerous appearances each year.

The following were posts made to the Inside Trek BBS in November, 2000 concerning Jimmy's health:

Posted By: Donna Pride
Date: 11/17/00, at 11:51 a.m.

Can anyone tell me if James Doohan has been sick. I heard a rumor to that. I hope it isn't true.


Posted by Susan Sackett
Date: 11/21/00, 07:38 a.m.

Hi Donna,

I hadn't heard about this... I'm hoping it's not true! Can anyone verify this? He is getting up there in years -- I believe he's close to 80 (!) and is a new father as of earlier this year. If anyone has any info, please post this for us, and thanks...

Posted By: Donna Pride
Date: 11/21/00, at 01:35: p.m.


Hi Susan I have heard this on Someone who lives near Disney World saw him recently and commented that he was thin and in a wheelchair. My icq number is 4155092, I would love to hear from any Star Trek fans out there, Including you Susan.

Posted by Susan Sackett
Date: 11/21/00, 05:42 p.m.

We can relax -- all is well. Here is a message from Jimmy's wife, Wende (courtesy of Richard Arnold -- thanks, Richard!)

"Jimmy is doing just fine. In fact, he has just finished three signings, one in New Jersey, one in New York and one in Chicago. He just today finished work on a sci-fi CD-ROM game, and upcoming he has Creation's Seattle show (Feb. 3-4) and the Grand Slam in Pasadena (Mar. 30-Apr. 1).

Jimmy, wife Wende and baby Sarah are looking forward to Thanksgiving and are tucking in for the holidays. They are especially looking forward to Jimmy's Famous Thanksgiving Turkey Dressing, the recipe for which Wende swears she'll get out of him one of these days!"

Richard added that Jimmy was in a wheelchair at Disneyworld because of knee problems and the great distances to be covered. But as you can see, he is fine and thriving!


Posted By: Donna Pride
Date: 11/21/00, at 06:46 p.m.

Oh THANK GOD IN HEAVEN, I was so worried about him. I am glad he is ok, if you get a chance tell your friend to tell Jimmie and Wende that his fans pray for him and his new baby girl. May he be happy and healthy for a least a couple of years yet. I know a few fans from Deforest Kelley's website were worried so I will pass the info along.