Jonathan & Brent
At the end of the first season of "Next Gen", I won a bet I had with Gene. He promised me if I lost 22 pounds, I could be an extra on the show. And I did this just in time to be in the last show of the season, "The Neutral Zone." My big part consisted of walking out of the turbolift carrying a clipboard and turning left! I also got the "star" treatment, full make-up, hair, and a costume (the same one worn by Marina Sirtis earlier that year). But being an extra had its drawbacks. I learned that you mostly stand around all day and wait for your turn. Mine didn't come until 6:00 that evening. To fill the extra time, I read magazines and visited with the cast and crew, including Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner, who posed with me for this picture. I had no idea what they were doing when this was taken, but they had just told me a joke, which is why I'm laughing so hard!